“Hollywood Squares”

Like the T.V. show – 9 club participants are the “squares” with 2 contestants trying to get three X’s or three O’s in a row. (I’ll take Charlie Weaver to block)

“Simon Sez”

Lets try one:
Simon sez to put your right hand up, now wave (ohhh Simon didn’t say!!!)

“Deja Voice”

Tape recordings of club patrons in games and contests are recorded then re-played for the crowd to hear (for some reason this is very funny).

“Richard the Referee”

Blows his whistle when seeing violations of “Club Rules”
#1. Not having Fun #2. Not dancing #3. Not smiling or laughing
Richard finds you a match, you both start having fun, Problem Solved!

“Cathy the Cop”

Issues “Tickets” for violators of “Club Rules”
#1. Lack of Fun #2. Lack of Dancing #3. Lack of Partying
Cathy may “handcuff you” or let you off with a warning.

“Match Game”

Get ready to match the Stars!!!
Like the T.V. show, 6 participants answer questions, 2 contestants try to “match” their answers. Here’s one: Richard Grant was sleep walking and entered a pretzel factory, when he came out, his ________ was tied in a knot.

“The Name Game” song

Shirley Shirley bo Birley, bo-nan-a fana fo firley (you know the rest)
The crowd sings along to names of club patrons
Now let’s do Chuck!

“The Dating Game”

Like the T.V. show, Bachelors or Bachelorettes ask questions and decide on who is their best match. (And Herrrrrrrre they are)