Celebrity “Look-a-Like” Night

Has anyone ever said : You look just like…
If so, this may be your night to dress up like that celebrity and win a prize.
(Hey look, it’s Robert De Niro!)
Categories – Movies, T.V., Sports, History, Current Events.

Talent Night

Contestants perform their unique “Talents” on stage.
(I think that guy is ready for the “Gong” show).

“Best Boots” contest

Ladies compete while strutting to the Nancy Sinatra song:
“These boots are made for walking” (Are you ready boots?… Start walking.)

“Sexy Shoes” competition

Women compete on stage to show off their best foot attire and win prizes.
(Are you a shoe-in?, Have a leg up on the competition?, Think your head and ankles above the rest?)

“Reaching for the Stars”

Classic dance competition where couples compete for cash prizes and add a “Touch of Class” to our dance floor.


Can’t sing? Then come up on stage and tell us your favorite joke.
We call it KaraJokie!! Funniest joke wins top prize.

Bar Wrestling

Battle your opponent without all the problems of traditional arm wrestling. BARM wrestling eliminates all of these by using a steel V-shaped bar that each contestant grabs and attempts to put down their competitor for the victory. A special “extended” bar allows LEFTIES to battle RIGHTIES!!!

Men’s “Wet Trunks” contest

All right ladies, it’s your turn to get the MEN wet.
(This should answer the question: Boxers? or Briefs?)